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How to Install Road Studs?

1. Put safety facilities (such as traffic cones) on the roads that need to be marked. Staff members must wear reflective vests.

2. Make sure the ground is flat and mark the installation locations.

For road studs with stems, you will need to drill a hole that is 1cm deeper than the stem, and 2mm larger in diameter. 

For example: A stem size of 24mm (diameter) and 50mm (length) should correspond to a hole of 26mm (diameter) and 60mm (length/depth).

3. Make sure the installation points are clean and dry. 

4. Put glue on the back of the road studs, and make the glue even.

5. Put road studs on the installation point, and make sure the right direction of colors.

6. Checking all the road stud directions and colors, make sure they are in the right directions.

7. Remove the safety facilities after 5 hours in summer and 24 hours in other seasons.


a. The most suitable temperature is 20°C ~ 30°C, if it’s too cold, then the glue is not easy to harden. 

b. It’s better to install road markers along with the white/yellow lines, on the outside.

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